I don’t do LinkedIn, I find it too intrusive.

linkedinHow do you respond to this without being rude? Well I struggle to control myself, so I end up looking like I’ve just been slapped across the face and then proceed to say nothing for a second or two, as I let this piece of widsom sink in for a while.

I’m changing jobs in a couple of months so naturally I’m keen to find a way of keeping in contact with people I respect and like.  But I don’t want to exhange pieces of cardboard because I have the unenviable talent of losing business cards before a conversation has even come to an end. What I want is their latest contact details, for ever. Plus I would appreciate being able to keep in touch with their work projects as it could spark an idea or future collaboration, so for me LinkedIn (or Plaxo) is the best way to do it effectively.

But I am truly amazed at the amount of business people who don’t wish to participate in these types of professional sites for fear of something terrible happening or are simply unaware they exist at all.

One guy said he was a ‘one company man’ and didn’t want to give the impression that he was looking for another job. Another said it was too intrusive, a third didn’t have time for such things, a forth (self-employed) said LinkWhat? It just goes on.

The question that keeps coming back is, am I the stupid one who’s exposing herself to an unknown danger via these types of sites? I know exactly who can see what about me, not only because I put the content there in the first place but because I manage the security settings.

In summary, LinkedIn, Plaxo, FaceBook, etc have been a godsend to me. I have been able to be far more visible, available and engaged with my personal and professional networks thanks to these sites, because in reality being a working mum seriously limits my available time to connect offline.

Would be interested to hear other views on this, particularly if I’m really missing the point on the dangers.

And here’s some facts and figures about LinkedIn


3 thoughts on “I don’t do LinkedIn, I find it too intrusive.

  1. Apart from the obvious danger of anything online being hackable or easily findable/transmissible by/to people with bad attitudes, if you manage your persona and permissions with the same level of intelligence as you would your offline contacts you have no need to worry IMO.
    Individuals increasingly need to be present online to progress – who ever suggested business shouldn’t appear in Yellow Pages?
    Comfort yourself with thinking that the people who came up with those ridiculous reasons are probably not worth being connected to.

  2. Interesting points Hugh particularly your last one which of course is all a bit depressing. Each time this LinkedIn discussion happens I feel a sudden drop in respect at their lack of, well just their lack of!

  3. IMHO, the benefits from having a perfected LinkedIn page far outweigh the risks. I’ve recently blogged on the subject myself at http://bit.ly/17gTB3

    (I borrowed your cool LinkedIn image – that’s how I found your post)

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